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Sesshomaru gets his arm back and his legendary sword Bakusaiga.

 Throughout his life Sesshomaru despised him half human little brother Inuyasha as a lowly being for having human blood in him. In fact Sesshomaru hated Inuyasha and his human mother because his father, king of demons had to sacrifice himself to save Inuyasha and his mother. The two brothers fought relentlessly for Tessaiga (legendary sword made from the fang of their father) but Tessaiga rejected Sesshomaru from the beginning. Sesshomaru was bitter from inside that his father had to leave such an heirloom to his half blood brother. But Later in the 'Last Episode' Sesshomaru puts his life in danger to save Inuyasha and his friends, while fighting Magatsuhi. At that moment he bursts with energy and his arm that was cut reappears along with his legendary sword Bakusaiga. Sesshomaru now understands why his father didn't give jim Tessaiga. If Sesshomaru had Tessaiga, he would never had struggled for Bakusaiga. His father wanted jim to stand on his feet and be a great demon on his own. And Sesshomaru had to go through litmus test of sacrificing himself to protect others in order to surpass his father. 


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